We are always alright.

There are beautiful moments from beginning to end, simply let go right now and stay present my friend. In the stillness we realize we all carry on, that our vibrational energy will never be gone. So be playful and loving and zany and light ’cause there is nothing to fear, we are always alright. (Tricia Zirit, […]


What is The Zock?

    On the neck and the shoulders and even the glutes, this pressure point tool will open your zoots*. Formerly Zugnut, now known as The Zock-  it’s a life changing tool and it’s a ball in a sock. The sensation is deep and the mind becomes still,  zock therapy heals so press on if […]


What is Zirit?

It’s not this, it’s not that It’s not skinny or fat. It’s not big, it’s not small it’s really nothing at all. It has infinite space and stillness a bound, It’s the funness of Oneness Connecting life all around. It’s you being you and me being me, Perfectly-imperfect in all of our glee. It’s just letting […]