WELCOME TO Zirit life!

Zirit Life provides the following mobile services for all ages and stages of life: mindfulness coaching, meditation/yoga classes, home/office organization services, and palliative-cannabis support; with a vision of creating world peace through inner peace one perfectly-imperfect, zany-spirit (Zirit) moment at a time.


Zock Therapy

Using a tennis ball in a tube sock on key acupressure points (mainly GB20 at the base of the skull) to promote tension release, full-body relaxation, inner stillness, creativity, and much more!


The Session

A mat-based, music-inspired class that uses high-intensity movements and sweet stillness to help shed layers on every level and bring you back home to YOU!


Stillness 4 Peace

Public displays of meditation promoting world peace by simply planting seeds of stillness in passersby !


The Mindfulness Mansion

Book to be released in 2020 and The MOBILE Mindfulness Mansion coming in the near future. Stay tuned!