Coming Soon! ..Calm On Call™: Mobile Mindfulness & Meditation | Healing Through Presence

Tricia Zirit Schuster is a registered nurse, registered yoga instructor, zany-spirit (zirit), and Founder of Calm On Call™. She started the mobile mindfulness and meditation business as a way to bring these healing practices to her clients in a convenient and accessible way. She is also Creator of Unclutter On Call™: Mindful Spaces, Unbuckle On Call™: Mindful Movement, and Comfort On Call™: Mindful Transitions. Tricia has been practicing yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and other healing modalities since 1999. She has worked with various groups and organizations – including schools, attorneys, bank executives, and hospital staff – helping them to implement daily mindfulness and meditation practices. Tricia has been a registered nurse with the Florida Board of Nursing since 1996 – with extensive experience in trauma/surgical ICU nursing, as well as hospice and palliative care nursing – and is currently a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association. Throughout her employment at Tampa General Hospital, she developed multiple hospital-wide programs including the Bereavement Program (2003), the Palliative Care Consultation Team (2005), and the Meaningful Conversations: Advance Care Planning Program (2016). She has been a Yoga Alliance registered yoga instructor since 2012. Tricia has done extensive study and teaching in the fields of meditation, mindfulness, energy healing, yoga, palliative care, and the endocannabinoid system. Her sessions are wise and insightful, as well as playful and light. For more information call or text 813.391.7464.


Zock Therapy

Using a tennis ball in a tube sock on the GB20 acupressure points at the base of the skull as a tool for mindfulness, meditation, and peace.


The Session

A mat-based, music-inspired class that uses high-intensity movements and sweet stillness to help shed layers on every level and bring you back home to YOU!


Mindfulness 4 Peace

Public displays of mindfulness promoting world peace.


The Mindfulness Mansion

Book to be released in 2020 and The MOBILE Mindfulness Mansion coming in the near future. Stay tuned!