The Mindfulness Mansion by Nurse Zirit

The Mindfulness Mansion by Nurse Zirit

Mindfulness creates space;

so much space all over the place.


Not space like, “Hey, ride with me there’s space in my car.”

And not space like, “Hey, I just saw a shooting star.”


But a type of quiet, still, inner space – and this is how;

because mindfulness brings us into The Now!


And once we fully arrive into this present moment at hand, 

there is enough space for everything – it’s like we expand.


Not expand like a balloon that’s blown up too tight,

And not expand like a pizza dough rising just right.


But a type of quiet, still, inner expansion

that feels on the inside like a Mindfulness Mansion.


Not a mansion that’s fancy or expensive or show-y,

but a mansion that’s accepting and open and glow-y.


There’s room to be happy and room to be sad;

there’s room to be frustrated and room to be glad.


There are no walls or boundaries or fences around;

only wide open space and our two feet on the ground.


There are no butlers or maids who are constantly cleaning;

but a focus on breathing and what brings our lives meaning. 


So be present, breathe deeply, and shine your own light,

because in The Mindfulness Mansion we are always alright!


The End (or maybe we just go around the next bend).

By Tricia Schuster (aka Nurse Zirit)

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